Do you want to create a fun moment with games or toys for your brand?

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We specialize in manufacturing toys and board games. We offer a comprehensive service: you can order the manufacture of all the components of your product, or just a part of them.


Board games

Educational games

Games with bio-based materials

Textile manufacture

Wooden games

Arts & crafts

Plastic injection

Some games and toys that we have made!

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With more than 30 years of experience, 10 of them in the game and toy industry, we have developed more than 100 products with different companies.

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100% national manufacturing.


Production ready in 4 weeks.


We guarantee compliance with EN71 European standard.


No minimum quantities required and large capacity for production and storage.

What can we do?

Your project from start to finish

  • Models
  • Molds and dies
  • Plastic Injection
  • Electronics
  • Textile clothing making
  • Wood parts
  • Packaging (boxes, blisters, bags and displays)
  • Printing
  • Stickers
  • Custom elements for writing
  • Handling
  • Final packaging
  • Shipping

Tell us about your project,we can help you for sure!