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Today we present a project in which we have participated in collaboration with the Packaging Cluster and KID’s Cluster: Smart Essence 4 Kids

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which face masks have become the protagonists of our daily lives, affecting the routine of adults as well as children and young people, the face mask flavouring device was born.

The TEB Cooperative Group (manipulator and packager of products) together with the manufacturer of aromas and fragrances Carinsa, have created this product to improve the experience of use and the interaction of the user with the masks.

To go a step further and seeing its potential, these companies decided to collaborate with entities from the sectors involved (packaging and children’s) to study the launch of the product through new market analysis techniques.

And this is where Abacus comes in, as a retailer connected to the consumer, and Sentinel, by analysing the acceptability of the aromatiser in the face mask.

The result? A spray bottle with four flavour options: mint, strawberries and cream, peach and pina colada.

The aim? To connect the children’s value chain and the packaging chain to generate a positive impact on the emotions of young people with the design, manufacture, distribution and application of an aromatic product for face masks.

How did we do it?  Through a market analysis that allowed us to connect with the new generations.

– On the one hand with a study of the end consumer (previously selected boys and girls) who interacted with the product in the form of unboxing (as we see on platforms such as Youtube or Instagram).

– On the other hand, through a neural study, analysing the brain response when the product was smelled.

The collaboration between everyone has allowed us to share conclusions in the key of open innovation.

Find out more about this project HERE

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